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Isla Mujeres

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Discover Isla Mujeres

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Stitched Panorama


Isla Mujeres is just off the coast from Cancun, yet this small Caribbean retreat has a unique culture and relaxed feel that is very different from its glamorous neighbor.

How to Get There


Many boats depart from Cancun everyday. It’s a 25-minute boat ride and Garrafón Reef Park offers tour packages that include your roundtrip ferry tickets.

Things to Do


Isla Mujeres has pristine white sand beaches that melt into clear turquoise waters. The island is completely walkable and dotted with fabulous views, architectural gems, and traditional village scenes. There are many things to do, like scuba diving along the coral reef, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and sport fishing or sailing. Many also come to sit in the sun, shop for artisan jewelry, visit the turtle farm, hike the cliffside trails, and rest at the island’s luxurious resorts.

Lodging and Dining


Lodging on Isla Mujeres ranges from small boutique hotels and beachside resorts to cozy accommodations off the beaten path. Great sunsets can be seen from downtown, where small wood houses painted in bright candy colors line the paved streets. The island’s thriving food scene includes excellent regional and international cuisines. And the evening bar scene is lively and entertaining.



Mayan explorers, Spanish conquistadors, and pirates have all sought out the stunning beaches of Isla Mujeres. The Maya were the first to discover this island, turning it into a sanctuary devoted to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of the moon, fertility, healing, and the feminine forces of nature. This is why the Spaniards named it Isla Mujeres (the Island of Women) when they discovered it. Pirates came next, including the legendary Captain Lafitte and Mundaca the Pirate, whose hacienda can still be visited next to Garrafón Park. All of these cultural influences can still be seen today as the island honors its legendary past just as much as it embraces its status as a modern, world-class travel destination.

Source: Garrafon Isal Mujeres Reef Park

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