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Paseo del Carmen shopping plaza

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Paseo del Carmen shopping plaza

Paseo Del Carmen is an outdoor shopping mall right at the beginning of 5th Avenue. The shopping plaza is between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue. It has been a part of Playa Del Carmen for a while but it is changing with time to keep updating itself. It was originally built in 2003 but still looks fresh and offers Mediterranean feeling shopping center with cobble stone paths.


This shopping area has nice shaded paths with some green space which is nice to sit at one of the cafes and enjoy the tropical plants while you rest from walking around. If you are on your way to or from Cozumel you will pass right by this shopping plaza. Also a lot of tours going to the Cozumel Ferry Pier are dropped off on 10th Avenue and you walk through the plaza.




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Happy shopping everyone!!

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Blue Playa Real Estate in Playa del Carmen, Sales Professionals that make buying a home an amazing experience

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