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Wanna buy a scooter ?

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Tired of walking around Playa but don’t have the money to buy a car? Scooters and motorcycles are popular options for getting around. But before you throw down $15,000 pesos or more, we thought you should know some important points of purchasing, registering, and riding.

Things to Know:

  1. Helmets and eye protection are required.
  2. A motorcycle license is required. You can use your driver’s license from home but it must show that you have the motorcycle endorsement.
  3. Insurance is not mandatory but is an excellent idea.
  4. Scooters and motorcycles are popular targets of theft. Be sure you have a heavy duty lock and park only in well lit or secure areas.
  5. When purchasing a used scooter, ask the seller for:
    • The original factura (invoice).
    • The current registration. Make sure it has the current registration year´s date. This ensures taxes are up to date.
    • The plates.
    • Ask for a copy of the seller´s ID (known as an IFE) to ensure the seller is the rightful owner. Also, you will need a copy of the ID to present at time of registration.
  6. To register a vehicle, you will need:
    • Proof of residence, original and copy (e.g. bills or contract).
    • Proof of Mexican residency (permanent or temporary) and passport, original and copy.
    • CURP, RFC and email address.
    • Receipt of purchase, original and copies.
    • Copy of the ID of the previous owner.

7. People without residency cannot legally receive permits. The only exception is for those who own a business, and in such cases, the person must register the vehicle under the company name and not their own name. To register under a company name, you also need:

  • Proof of tax identification,  act of incorporation or power of attorney attesting to the legal representation of the company, the company’s phone number and email address.

8.   Please be aware the driving in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding areas can be challenging, to say the least. Driver´s often completely ignore all traffic laws including driving at excessive/dangerous speeds, ignoring stop signs, not yielding to oncoming traffic, and lane sharing with scooters.

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