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Los Aguachiles seafood tacos and tostadas

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Los Aguachiles

los aguachiles playa del carmen

Located well off the tourist path, Los Aguachiles is one of the best kept secrets in Playa. Serving a variety of seafood tacos and tostadas, Los Aguachiles is known for their fresh ceviches and the delicious sauces and salsas that accompany them. Watching your figure? Try the healty “Figurines”, fresh seafood wrapped in lettuce leaves.

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Where: 5th Avenue with Constituyentes Avenue, Downtown, Playa del Carmen; or 34th Street with 25th Avenue

los aguachiles playa del carmenWhat you can eat: An aguachile is a chili-spiked ceviche in Mexico, and this restaurants lacks none of it! You can expect to eat tacos, tostadas, ceviches, cocktails and more. Everything comes accompanied by delicious home-made salsas.los aguachiles playa del carmen


Review of Los Aguachileslos aguachiles playa del carmen

 by randy yates

 Eat here. Eat here now! This is my new favorite place not just in Playa, but anywhere.

Howard Walters

Great lunch spot – everything is great – you can’t go wrong. Take the extra time and walk to 34th – you’ll be rewarded with a great experience (5 stars). The new location (between 1st and 5th on Constituyentes) caters to the tourist crowd, service tneds to be poor, and some dishes aren’t up to par (2 1/2 stars).

by lorraine

Our go to spot when taking visitors for lunch. Everything is tasty and fresh and so nicely presented. My favorite are the shrimp ceviche tostadas. Well worth taking a walk to 34th. I believe they opened another location on Constituyentes between 1st and 5th. More convenient for some folks to be sure.

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